The world’s leading event talent marketplace.

The world’s leading event talent marketplace.

G.E.T connects you directly with talent across dozens of categories.

No Middle Man. No Mess. No Fuss.

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How it works


Search for your desired talent, fill in your event details and be placed in direct contact.


Communicate, Contract and Pay Talent directly - G.E.T is not a 3rd Party.


Host all event documents and information securely in one place with instant notifications whenever anything is added or altered.

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What our clients have to say

The only event talent booking platform created for event professionals

G.E.T is a platform that links event professionals directly with non-celebrity talent, whilst ensuring transparency and seamless efficiency to clients and the majority of worldwide talent. Event clients now have a professional portal available to them that also allows direct, transparent and professional facilitation & delivery of talent to their event.

Why use G.E.T.?

Complete Transparency

G.E.T assists you in booking talent for your events by placing you in direct contact with talent, whilst streamlining all communication, documentation, and information along the way.

Instant Messaging and Notifications

Chat throughout the enquiry and booking process, and get instant alerts at your fingertips for all notifications.

Direct Contracting & Payment

Contracting and payments are made directly between the client and the talent, cutting out the middle-man.

Centralised Content Management System

Save hours of time and find/store all your important booking documents in the one place.

Contracting & Payments

Contracting and payments are made directly between clients and talent, cutting out the middle man.


Talent may upload their own contracts, or use a G.E.T contract - strictly between clients and talent - to digitally sign directly through the platform. Once accepted by the client, these contracts are exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain, thus protecting data integrity and enabling the secure exchange of confidential information between parties.


Upon accepting the talent contract, G.E.T clients simply pay a separate 10% platform fee to confirm their booking. Clients are then prompted to pay the talent invoices directly. G.E.T is completely commission-less to talent.

No escrow

All talent payments are made directly to the talent. G.E.T does not hold any money in escrow, ensuring a true peer-to-peer relationship between clients and talent.

Platform security


By utilising smart contract technology, G.E.T ensures that all contracts exchanged on the platform are 100% secure.


All data and platform information is securely stored on our cloud-based server.

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