Frequently Asked Questions

What is G.E.T.?

G.E.T (Global Event Talent) is a talent booking platform that links event professionals directly with non-celebrity talent.

G.E.T utilises the same revolutionary booking process as its sister platform A.C.T.A to ensure the same transparency and seamless efficiency is afforded to the majority of worldwide talent, which is unrepresented.

How much does it cost to be involved?


To be listed on the G.E.T platform is absolutely free for talent. In addition to this, when . booked, G.E.T does not take a commission from talent and instead charges clients a 10% fee for the use of the platform per booking.


To sign up to G.E.T as a client is also absolutely free. When processing a booking however, a transparent 10% platform fee is charged for the use of the platform.

Who can I book on G.E.T.?

With over 800 talent currently listed across 8 main categories (Novelty, Junior Entertainment, Magicians, Musical Entertainment, Business & Lifestyle Speakers, Event Hire Services, Cultural Performers, Dancers and Comedians & MC’s), you can be sure to find the right person for your event, and book with them, directly!

What can I book them for?

Talent on the G.E.T. platform are available to be booked for any type of event ranging from private parties to large scale corporate and charity events.

Is G.E.T. an agency?

Absolutely not.

G.E.T. is simply a platform that connects clients directly with talent. G.E.T. does not represent any of the talent listed on its website, nor does it take part in the enquiry, negotiation or contracting processes.

– All clients enquire directly with Talent
– All clients contract directly with Talent
– All clients pay Talent directly

How does G.E.T make money?

To utilise our platform, the client simply pays a 10% platform fee. This fee is a seperate charge to the fee that the client pays the talent and is not taken from the talent.

The client pays talent 100% of their fee directly.

So how does G.E.T benefit me?


  • Real time availability calendar that lets you know who is available and when.
  • Direct line of communication between you and your desired talent
  • Seamless and professional delivery of talent to your event with all travel details and riders in one place and able to be instantly edited.


  • Maximises exposure within the Corporate, Private and Charity events space, providing you with increased revenue, all the while not impacting on your career progression or public perception.


  • Ease and simplicity. All the information relevant to the engagement for which you have been booked for is all in the one place. A.C.T.A provides you with the ability to view any information related to your travel logistics, view your call and performance times, it even instantly notifies you when anything is updated.
What are G.E.T’s payment terms?


Once the booking contract has been signed by both Client and Talent Representative, Client is taken to a payment screen where a 10% deposit payment to A.C.T.A is required to secure the booking.


Once the client has paid a 10% deposit. They now have 5 days to pay a 50% deposit to the respective talent representative. The remaining balance is due on or before the day of the event.

Is G.E.T safe and secure?


The confidentiality of booking information as well as the security of related booking documents such as agreements and tax invoices are all completely protected within the G.E.T framework. As G.E.T is not a contracting party to the booking agreement, it has signed confidentiality agreements with all necessary parties to ensure that any information that it becomes privy to is not shared with anybody outside of the contracting parties. In relation to the security of its booking agreements, G.E.T has implemented Ethereum based blockchain technology to validate and then store any documents related to a booking. This ensures that documents cannot be altered in any way once they have been signed.