Published: 29 Apr 2019

How to book a contortionist

Many of you have probably seen a contortionist in action — this is entertainment!

When it comes to choosing the right contortion act for your event, there are a few things to take into consideration prior to booking.

In this piece, the team from The Event Ecosystem, which comprises online talent booking platforms Associated Celebrity Talent App (A.C.T.A) and Global Event Talent (G.E.T), shares their tips for booking a show-stopping contortionist for your next event:

Know the types of contortion acts

To start, it’s important to determine what type of contortion act are you looking for:
Aerial: The contortionist works in hoops or fabric hanging from the ceiling

Aerial contortionsts

Roving: The contortionist moves around the event
Box act: The contortionist works with and fits themselves into a box
Stage: The contortionist performs on a stage at the event
Stationary: The contortionist performs in one place at the event

Get a referral and do some research

Chances are you’ve seen a contortionist that’s impressed you before.
In the event industry, there are likely some colleagues who have worked with some in the past who they’d like to recommend.
Additionally, it’s always good to get some reviews and information on the acts previous work and their performances.

Keep your event details in mind

In order to manage expectations, it’s important to always keep in mind how many people will be attending your event and the venue details.
You may want a duo if the event is larger, or a roving act might suit your event if there’s no stage area.
Some contortionists have particular room and ceiling parameter requirements for their performances, and some contortionists may bring props to use in their acts, such as balls, parallel bars, etc. It’s important to discuss these details with the venue beforehand to ensure the contortionist can perform in a safe and suitable environment.

So…how can G.E.T help?

Booking the best entertainment for your event isn’t easy — there are a lot of logistics involved, from juggling schedules, talent and often lots of last minute changes that no one can predict. G.E.T works to eliminate all these problems through a new end-to-end platform that allows direct communication between the client and talent. G.E.T features an in-built instant messaging function, centralised content management system to access all contracts and run-sheets, push notifications and a secure payment system.

To book a contortionist, or other event talent, head to and create an account, search for your talent and enter the event details to make an enquiry. You can then speak directly to the talent to discuss fees and timing, before closing the deal and paying the talent directly.