Team, Advisors & Industry Professionals

Global Event Talent is backed by over 20 professionals, each with over a decade of experience in their industries of expertise such as events, entertainment, marketing and technology.

Harris Meitanis
Founder & CEO
Emir Rudzic
Chief Technical Officer
Geoff Pollard
Chief Financial Officer
Joel Cangy
Marketing & Partnerships Director
Doron Shmilovits
In-House Counsel
Laura Chung
Project Manager
Michael Westerway
Project Manager
Aaron Hemat-Siraky
Solution Architect
Daniel Posavac /Bonsey Jaden
Marketing Partner
Lucy Ashenhurst /Upstart Alliance
Counsel - Asia
Alana Hay /Milestone Creative
Marketing + PR / M.I.C.E Advisor
Darryl Beaton /Beatiq
Talent Industry Advisor
Caleb Bush /GPJ
M.I.C.E Advisor
Anna Patterson /GPJ
M.I.C.E Advisor
Paul Kenny
M.I.C.E Advisor
Megan Peters /International Productions
M.I.C.E Advisor
Benson Looi /Utopian
M.I.C.E Advisor
Paul Navarro /Perkins Coie
Counsel - North America
Morgan Springer /Lagniappe
Startup Advisor